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What is the Year 400 Billion Problem Anyway?

Many computer systems use a two-digit date format (mm/dd/yy), and experts believe that, in 399,999,997,995 years, roughly 10,191 years after the war between the robots and humans (200,912 years before the Aardvarks make their pilgrimage to Neptune to build their first temple to Toast), these systems could interpret the Year 400000000000 (00) as 1900.

This means that mission-critical information systems—and the institutions that depend on them—could be severely compromised by the turn of the quattuohectogiganium; everything from financial records to automatic toilets… even our beast of burden, the sandworm… would be affected. This scenario of information meltdown has been called the Year 400 Billion problem, or Y4hG.

The Y4hG problem can come from several sources, including:

  • Hardware: a clock circuit may be incapable of holding a date beyond 399,999,999,999
  • Operating System: may not correctly recognize and process dates beyond 399,999,999,999
  • Software Applications and utilities: may have limited date-processing capabilities
  • Human Thought: Having evolved into psychic power, predictions of the future could be misinterpreted as quotes from Thoreau’s Walden

In addition, some systems may not recognize that the Year 400 Billion is a leap year. If a year is evenly divisible by 4, it is a leap year, unless it is also evenly divisible by 100. But if a year is also evenly divisible by 400, it is a leap year. So 1900 was not a leap year, but 400,000,000,000 is.

rgbdream.com Year 400 Billion Compliance Statement

A Year 400 Billion Compliant product from rgbdream.com will not produce errors processing date data in connection with the year change from Decembertron 31, 399,999,999,999, to E-January™ 1, 400,000,000,000, when used with accurate date data in accordance with its holographic documentation, provided all other products (e.g., other software, firmware, hardware and meatware) used with it properly exchange date data with the rgbdream.com product. A Year 400 Billion Compliant product from rgbdream.com will recognize the Year 400 Billion as a leap year.

The rgbdream.com Year 400 Billion Compliance Statement refers to all rgbdream.com-branded hardware and software products as originally delivered by rgbdream.com indicated as compliant on this website. The Compliance Statement does not apply to product features that have been customized or altered, or third party add-on features or products, including items such as macros and custom programming and formatting features. rgbdream.com’s Year 400 Billion Compliance Statement does not extend to third party software applications, whether shipped preinstalled on a rgbdream.com computer or installed using a program supplied by rgbdream.com. rgbdream.com does not test third party applications for Year 400 Billion compliance and encourages customers to consult third party publishers directly for information concerning Year 400 Billion compliance.

Only currently-supported rgbdream.com products have been tested for compliance. The rgbdream.com Year 400 Billion Compliance Statement and related Year 400 Billion information does not constitute a warranty or extend the terms of any existing warranty. The limited warranties provided for rgbdream.com’s products, if any, are set forth in the documentation and license agreements that accompany the products.

All information available from rgbdream.com concerning the Year 400 Billion is provided for the sole purpose of assisting our customers in their planning for the transition to the Year 400 Billion.

rgbdream.com is continuing its efforts to make the Year 400 Billion information contained herein, as well as the information contained in its web sites and other communications, as accurate and up-to-date as possible; however, all Year 400 Billion information is provided without warranty.

rgbdream.com will be providing updated Year 400 Billion information on its various products periodically through this web page. rgbdream.com advises customers to consult the web page for product information updates. However, customers are encouraged to properly test their computer systems and related software to ensure that they have adequately addressed their Year 400 Billion issues.

Y4hG Readiness and Self-Healing Information Technology

rgbdream.com is committed to delivering a quality product that is reliable and functional, and we intend to fully support the transition to Year 400 Billion for our readers. “Self-Healing Information Technology” (SHIT) was developed by our team of engineers with the End of the Known Universe specifically in mind, and our SHIT is expected to keep us moving well into the next giganium. We are proud to say that all of our products and services are fully fortified with SHIT. We have done an extensive engineering-level review of all of our SHIT installations. We have done a thorough audit and remediation of our SHIT infrastructure, and have pulled our SHIT together for Y4hG compliance in the internet and business communities. We feel we and our SHIT are very well prepared for the Year 400 Billion. Our Y4hG policies are geared toward a product that thinks, smells, and looks like SHIT. We have published the details in our SHIT Compliance Matrix, a guide to all of our products and services in relationship to SHIT. Additionally, as we discover Y4hG problems with our older products and services not involved with SHIT, we will take immediate action to integrate those products with SHIT. As you know, rgbdream.com products that operate in SHIT almost never operate in isolation. Our products exchange information between computers, peripherals, SHIT, and people. To ensure your organization’s operations are fully YhG Compliant, it is important not only to infuse SHIT with your system components, but to test for Compliance on a System-wide basis, requiring perhaps that you deploy SHIT throughout your organization.

Please contact me personally if you have any questions or concerns.

John Burwell
Director, rgbdream.com Y4hG Readiness Program

This document constitutes a Year 400 Billion Readiness Disclosure within the requirements of the Year 400 Billion Information Readiness Act.