My desk, 2006

Laptop, desktop. Mobile phone, remote control. Beer, water. A view to the world outside, a view to the world inside.

These subtle inflections may only ever approach the essential truth of the common elements of our lives. In this corner of mine, there is communication. There is power, and there is stability. There is protection, comfort, and sustenance. But the adornments dissolve only to reveal deeper adornments. These are shadows against the mini-blinds.

Meaning is laid at the feet, seen in the periphery, and distorted by rays of primary color. What’s at the core? Electrons and cables? Impulses constrained by outlets and insulation? The inscrutable idiosyncrasies of myriad interacting elements converged in an outburst manifestation of ideals, emotion, reason, and expression?

But as the pieces are stripped away, new questions litter the floor. Each iteration peels away more plainly, more mysteriously… where is the shelf? Why no swaggering books or flustered paperwork? A surface, suspended above the floor so that the knees may bend. Empowered devices coordinated in a single-minded purpose of vast and intricate complexity, each delegated a responsibility that comes with the curse of never-understanding. The master plan is nothing to a button, but without any one, none may be at all.

Together, the system works. Even as the balance shifts, the totality is constant. Each piece is an essential component in a stateless organism that lives and breathes in the beauty and resonance of nature itself.

Beauty, stability. Communication, empowerment. Staples of existence. An evaluative perspective of the world and of self. Harmony. And the swirling crystalline network of life.