My desk, 2004

Crikey! Here we find the wild desk in its natural element, buried among a family of operae imperfectae. This one has shed a lot of its older, outdated equipment, revealing a sleeker outer shell. At this stage of development, it is faster, more precise, and more expensive, but it still lacks the more specialized faculties of a more mature desk. Right now, this bugger can do anything! Less like a big messy pile of crap, and more like a laser! CRIKEY!

Notice the new flat-panel display on the right. Perfect for putting someone’s head right through it. The wireless keyboard and mouse help reduce the clutter on the desk, with no help from all the clutter still on the desk. This bugger has everything… Airport Express below, an Express Remote at the far right plugged into it… iPod, treo, iSight… Just look at all this great stuff! Steady!

But we’ve still got the old chair, and there’s still a remnant of its old hardware. Look carefully to the lower left — that’s what used to live on this desk. For a while, this desk will retain just a few bits of the older shell. But it won’t be long before its new look is fully matured and these old bits will be thrown in the trash in the alley, or stored in a shed in the backyard.