It is the time for the saving of daylight

Although major retailers might have the American public think otherwise, the coming time change is not in fact a sales event.

It is a standard for timekeeping intended to save daylight. It is therefore quite aptly dubbed, “daylight-saving time.”

Note the hyphen. Note the lowercase letters. Note the absence of coupons.

This is not a Time for Daylight Savings, and your clock is not your local GM Ford Truck Dodge dealer.

Unfortunately, “SAVINGS!” (as blared on television commericals) and “saving” (as when conserving resources) have come to mean the same thing in our overmarketed society. As far as that goes, we’re doomed.

Until the end finally comes, though, we may as well be clear about our meaning. If you want to save money at Wal-mart while the sun is up, sure, call it “Daylight Savings!” and capitalize it as much as you want.

But if you’re setting your clock forward and backward to change the time zone for some idiotic reason enforced by the government, don’t imagine for a minute that you’re getting some kind of incredible deal. You’re actually being robbed of your accurate chronometry.

So calm down, lay off the shift key, and actually count what you save. There’s only one, it’s a grim reality, and there’s no reason to get so damn excited about it. It’s just “daylight-saving time.”

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