Cat “Frodo” suffers broken Gallery

It has come to my attention that poor Frodo has been my most-recently posted photo for some time, most likely since an ill-advised upgrade to Gallery2, the software I selected for managing my vast libraries of stunning photography.

For this, I apologize.

Unfortunately, Gallery2 has the gnarliest database structure I’ve seen outside my own office, and repairing the tables is not going to be easy. I think the update may actually have destroyed some of my work.

Interference by a sprawling code module intended to seamlessly integrate Gallery2 with WordPress, my blog software, further confounds my investigation into the source of the problem. Four of the seven features in this module have been removed from the latest version without explanation, making room for five all-new and totally unnecessary features which, taken together, indicate grim prospects for the restoration of the former order.

In the face of this net loss, Frodo’s convalescence portrait becomes a fitting marker for the failure of convergent techologies and the injuries that may beset the lazy administrators of personal web sites, however intrepid.

But there is hope in Frodo’s story. His recovery from the curious incident of the cat in the night-time shines a beacon toward the redevelopment of freshly-angered code, which will rise again, howling unleashed to prowl the alleys of a blogosphere overgrown with weeds, forgotten garden hoses, abandoned tires, and leaking cans of used motor oil.

So fear not, loyal Googlebot, my trusty number-one fan. There will soon be fresh pictures with which your image-searching thirst may be quenched.

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