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Thursday, September 21st, 2006



Saturday, September 9th, 2006

The Houston Independent Metropolitan Area Network Project is now accepting financial support for Deeternet, the high-tech co-operative’s flagship effort to provide secure wide-area wireless data services to the community. Private, non-profit, and government agencies are equally welcome to grant generous capital award packages at any time.

The HIMAN Project builds the shared vision of a loosely-affiliated network of social acquaintances with common needs for reliable access to high-bandwidth local and Internet data services. This Association pursues progressive reform in the society and politics of technology with personal and organized efforts to promote open access and services throughout the world. Deeternet will be the most significant collective effort in the history of the Association, and it is the project division’s sole objective.

The Project currently manages the assessment of optimal viabilities toward that objective. In successive phases, the project will focus on deployment, maintenance and continued development. Initial work has produced the identification of geographical and municipal parameters in the design of the project, as well as evaluations of the security and accessibility of potential points of presence. Draft specifications for the network design and operational policy are being prepared following six months of independent third-party research.

Going forward into the deployment stage, the Project will have an opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment not otherwise leverageable by larger corporate organizations or government agencies. The quality of the available resources will bear considerably upon considerations concerning the resources to which we have or can attain access. Cutting-edge projects such as this one require a wide variety of cutters, just as any leading underground subversive information socialist network of chefs requires a wide variety of knives.

The knives we require come at considerable expense. The top-secret security countermeasures and high-performance, ultra-secure network and wireless equipment required must be carefully stolen. Using these systems then to secure unauthorized access to point-of-presence facilities will demand further investment, and the actual costs of installation and operation cannot be ignored.

To mitigate the enormous risk involved in the project’s undertaking and to ensure the project’s success, contributions must be ample, and minimal restrictions must apply to the disbursement of the funds. Because the Association’s organizational structure is incompatible with the interfaces of the modern economy, financial transactions must be as direct and untraceable as possible, in unserialized tangible units. The Association does not release details about its organizational structure.

When completed, Deeternet will reward its investors with reduced administrative and surveillance burdens by virtue of the independent, exclusive nature of the community alternative network. As its facilities expand, its returns will reach into advanced areas of technological development by exploiting vulnerabilities in leading research centers. Ultimately, Deeternet and the Association intend to provide global services for the regulation of community interaction and the strict exclusion of interference by government or private interests.

Contact the Association for further details on the project and specific instructions for the delivery of support.


Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Attention, world (of developers)

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Please stop hiding your file download links behind mazes of redirects. It requires me to follow through all your links and actually start a download before I can copy the address of the actual file and paste it into the terminal window so that I can download it to a remote machine.

Not all the world constantly works from inside a web browser.

Also, please just abandon sourceforge, plzkthx.