Frodo recovering from suspected snake bite


Frodo returned home from the veterinarian’s office this afternoon after overnight treatment for wounds believed to have been caused by a snake bite to his left arm. He is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Concerns arose Tuesday morning when he didn’t appear at the door for breakfast as usual. He finally turned up at about 7 p.m., clearly in a great deal of pain. His left arm was swollen, and he couldn’t move more than a few feet at a time. He had been working his way home in this condition for an estimated fourteen hours.

Initial suspicions of having been hit by a car or kicked by some kid were set aside when a phone consultation with the vet suggested some sort of infection. There were no external wounds visible, and while he wouldn’t let us touch his arm, he had no obvious fracture to his arm or ribs.

The decision was made to let him sleep under my bed through the night. He was monitored periodically for signs of shock or bleeding. Although his temperature seemed to be slowly rising, he seemed otherwise stable.

Wednesday morning, he was taken from under the bed with considerable effort. His resistance was more vocal than physically aggressive. X-rays revealed no fractures or dislocation, but the wound was finally discovered in his arm pit. Pity was expressed for whatever critter got a face full of Frodo’s fist during the altercation.

Frodo was put on medication to relieve the pain, reduce his fever and relax his muscles, and counteract the bacterial infection. A sweat bandage was applied to draw out fluids which had built up in his arm and shoulder. He was also treated for minor injuries sustained to his face. Only minimal shaving was required.

A regimen of pain medication and antibiotics must be administered via cheese twice daily, so he is not being allowed back under the bed. Currently, he is resting on a special cat convalescence bedsheet designed to prevent remaining fluids from draining into my special person sleeping blankets.

Upon his return to the house, his first request was for dinner. He then wanted lots of water.

4 Responses to “Frodo recovering from suspected snake bite”

  1. Rick Says:

    We need a SAVE FRODO! parade. Poor little guy. I’m glad he’s feeling well enough to eat and drink.

  2. Karen Says:

    Poor Frodo! He’s such a champ. I’m glad you’re taking care of him.

  3. w0lfie Says:

    how’s the little guy doing? any better?

  4. John Says:

    I’m happy to report that Frodo is back on his feet. He still sleeps most of the day and he’s still taking his antibiotics, but we finally let him out again on Monday, and he loved the beautiful weather. He still limps a bit in the evenings, and he’s decided my bedroom is unquestionably his also, but he’s spending more time elsewhere in the house. He’s going to be okay. Thanks for asking!