Flip4Mac on case-sensitive filesystems

If your Mac uses a case-sensitive filesystem, the Safari Plugin that comes with the new Flip4Mac Windows Media component will not load properly. The correct directory for the plugin is /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/, but the installer doesn’t properly capitalize that last ‘i’. The files wind up in a new directory named /Library/Internet Plug-ins/.

To fix the problem, just move the Flip4Mac files from the lowercase ‘i’ directory into the uppercase ‘I’ directory. Then, move the “Windows Media Plugin” bundle to the “Disabled Plug-Ins” folder. Quit and re-open Safari to activate the plugin.

Most users won’t be affected, because Macs use case-insensitive filesystems by default. On these systems, lowercase and uppercase letters can be used interchangeably in filenames, and small errors like this cause no trouble. This should only be an issue on systems that have been reformatted to use case-sensitive filenames. I’ve sent a note to Flip4Mac about the issue, so hopefully this will be fixed in the next release.

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