Reducing dependence on foreign oil: my new bike

Yes, it’s a Panasonic. Panasonic made bikes for decades up until the early 90s. In fact, many Schwinn and Trek bikes were made by Panasonic. They’re very solid bikes, also very rare (being among the lower-profile brands).

Yes, it’s pink on gray. I can’t think of any color scheme more fitting for a circa 1987 mountain bike.

It has Shimano indexed thumb shifters, Deore derailers, Biopace chainrings, and Kenda “Kross Plus” tires. I haven’t actually been on it more than 10 minutes, and it’s sitting in my Jeep now, waiting to be ridden. I’ll be on it in the morning.

And I appreciate your concern, but my virility is certain to remain intact. You need not concern yourself with my ability to spawn a new generation of bike-riding longhair hippie communist liberals.

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